Monday, June 09, 2008


Those were the days when I used to spend a lot of time, relaxed fashion, in front of the bathroom mirror preparing to go out and impress the guys.
Then I married one and I had to share the space with shaving gear and someone who took longer than me in front of the mirror to get ready. Since he didn't have to pluck his eyebrows, cleanse, tone and nourish his skin or apply eye make up, I couldn't for the life of me understand why but I moved over anyway - to the bedroom mirror.

In our house in Papua New Guinea, there is a mirror in each bedroom as well as the bathroom one, so could someone please tell me why my three teenagers would be knocking on my bedroom door at regular intervals to check their profiles before going out??? Excuse me! Edged out of the bathroom and now fighting for mirror space in my own room? Please!
As you guessed it by now, I am always the last one to be ready with the family berating me for running late.

These days, down in Cairns there are a lot more mirrors in the house and two bathrooms so I am getting my own back somewhat. I even get to hand over bathroom cleaning duties as the girls share one and I share the other with my son.

I left them a sticky note on their mirror the other day: Dear Ugly Sisters, your shower needs scrubbing and the mirror needs a wipe. It's Cinder's 'off' shift this week. Prince Charming will fix the other bathroom. Love Fairy G.

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