Thursday, April 17, 2008


Recently relocated to Australia after many years in Papua New Guinea, I found myself filling out plenty of forms to get my affairs and paperwork in order.

During my 26 year absence, the word "housewife" has become a Politically Incorrect term; a word now unmentionable.
All of the forms I needed to fill out required me to disclose my occupation but none had "Housewife" as an option for me to tick. I could have been 'Retired', 'Taking a career Break' or even (horrors!) 'Currently Unemployed'. Decisions, decisions! which box to check....
This left me in a quandary since I am still a wife, do stay in the house but don't fit any of the categories on offer!

Then I was at the bank, undergoing a face to face application, answering all of the questions as the Bank Chick penned them in for me. We got to that part, she paused, and looked straight at me with what could only be described as a pitying expression when I mentioned the 'H' word.
'Let's put Home Duties', she said firmly, moving rapidly to the next item before I could argue.
I wanted to know if 'Home Duties' was the new generic term for anyone not perceived as doing anything important with their day because they are home-based; I failed to muster the nerve to ask....

Well excuse me! I do have a life, an interesting one at that. I propose that the new term 'Houselife' be adopted as politically appropriate instead.

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