Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bloggers Block

The front gate - Let me out!!
It's been more than a while since my last post. My ideas for something fresh, intelligent, and relevant to the community have totally dried up. House_life, or Home Duties distract. I need to get out more.

According to my teenagers, Golden Gurl (14 yrs) and Sunny Boi (16 yrs), I am all but past it and apparently don't have any information worth imparting anyway.
This is confirmed by the numerous times either of them quiz me on any given subject, only to argue like hell non constructively when I supply an answer or idea. (Why did they bother to run it past me in the first place?)
Sunny Boi and Golden Gurl

Instead of spending my day with serene thoughts, breeding content for my blog, I am constantly feeling upset and hurt as to how a chirpy "Good morning" or "Don't forget your lunch boxes" could merit such a vitriolic response from GG and, at best, a grunt from SB as he delves into his school bag to extract all the soggy glad_wrap from previous repasts together with a pair of damp, smelly, muddy sports socks which I promptly throw out - it being cheaper to buy a new pair than all the detergents necessary to restore them!

Totally swamped recently, under the constant negatively charged atmosphere in the house, I did borrow a book from our Public Library about insubordinate teenagers. I have gleaned more than a few management hints and it is an absolute relief to know that I am not alone in my suffering.

Do readers think I should change their names to Tinker_belle and Oscar for as long as their personalities fit the mold?

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