Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happiness is....

...having your family touch base with you and each other - often!

I'm feeling happy because my first born son Mark, living in France with his longtime partner Michelle, sent me two emails within this last fortnight. He hadn't contacted me for almost four years until now.

Second son living in Sydney, Jeff, phoned my eldest daughter Tina a couple of days ago and I got to talk to him too. He doesn't call very often.
Siblings get together in Sydney. Jeff and Tina

Tina and younger son Leonard text each all the time nearly every day to compare itineraries!
Those two always remember to call home and let me know whats on, which I reckon is pretty considerate of them.

The icing on my cake this week will be my youngest daughter, Mili-Meiema, arriving in Cairns for a weeks break to coincide with my 58th birthday on the 11th October. Topped off with a beautifully worded card from a long time work mate.
LG - Life's good!!!!!

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